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 Claiming Hail Damage on A Car 

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If there’s one sure thing about the weather, it’s being unpredictable. Severe hail storms can damage your car. Hence, knowing more about claiming hail damage on car greatly helps.

In this post, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about claiming hail damage on cars.

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

The cost of hail damage repairs heavily depends on the size and number of dents on your car. The cost also increases if hail damages the inside of your car. Fortunately, hail damage may be covered by insurance.

If you have comprehensive coverage under your auto insurance policy, your hail damage repair will be covered. 

In general, auto insurance will cover hail damage repair if you have the appropriate type of coverage. Comprehensive coverage allows you to do just that, regardless of the company. 

In particular, comprehensive insurance protects your car from damage caused by events except for a vehicle collision. Damage caused by a hail storm is one of those events. 

Comprehensive coverage also protects your car from other damages such as ones caused by floods and theft. 

This type of coverage is usually optional. However, if you take a loan for your car or lease it, the lender will usually require you to have comprehensive insurance. 

On the other hand, any damage caused by hail to your car won’t be covered if you don’t have comprehensive insurance. 

How Much Does Insurance Pay for Claiming Hail Damage on Car?

Much like a collision claim, insurance companies can pay for up to 75% of your car’s pre-loss value. 

For instance, if your car costs $10,000, your insurance company can pay repairs worth up to $7,500. However, you must take note that only comprehensive insurance covers hail damage repair. 

Will a Hail Damage Claim Increase My Premium?

While the damage is not that huge or impactful, you will become a higher risk to your insurance company after claiming hail damage on car. 

Since insurance bases policies on risk, your insurance company will assume that you will submit a claim again. Due to this, they will likely increase your premium to offset any future claims.

However, submitting a hail damage claim doesn’t always increase your premium, especially if it’s your first. 

Coverage and rates also vary from one company to another. If your rate increases after submitting a hail damage claim, try looking for options. You will likely find another company offering similar coverage for a lower price.  

Can Hail Damage Total My Car?

Yes, hail damage can total your car.

If the hail damage is huge and worth more than the value set by your insurance provider or its current market value, fixing your car won’t be worth it. 

How Can I Tell If My Car Is Covered for a Hail Damage Claim?

If you do not have comprehensive coverage, your insurance provider won’t pay for hail damage repair. Hence, the only way to claim hail damage on your car is by getting comprehensive insurance. 

To tell how much you can get for claiming hail damage on car, review your insurance policy or call your provider.


Hail damage doesn’t have to be expensive. Getting comprehensive insurance will greatly help, especially if you live in an area prone to hail storms. 

Dent Mavericks helps you file a claim on hail damage repair. We will also pick up your vehicle on the same day. Schedule a repair now!  

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