Hail damage falls under comprehensive coverage which cannot count against you for a claim or raise your rate by law. Comprehensive falls under an act of God, also a not at fault claim, so repairing your vehicle after a hail storm is the best thing for you and your vehicle’s value. If your vehicle is leased or financed, the finance company requires you to carry full coverage insurance to protect property.

Hail damage is an intensive skilled labor that requires years of experience and training. We staff the highest skilled technicians in the WORLD at Dent Mavericks and we also have the tools and technology to restore your vehicle to its pre hail days without traditional paint and body work keeping the integrity of your vehicle and the factory finish on your paint job. Hail damage can cost between $70-$100 per dent, and up to $150 for oversized dents. 

There are a couple different ways hail damage can be repaired, first is the bodywork repair process in which they have to use a compound such a Bondo which can crack and become more harmful to your vehicle’s exterior, also using aftermarket parts to replace more damaged panels, which can drive the value of your vehicle down. Dent Mavericks uses the safer and non-compromising method Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) which has become the most common method used in today’s industry, our highly trained technicians use special tools which are utilized to carefully massage the exterior back to its original form. 

While yes, right now it’s free, it’s really not free. Your insurance pays for the repairs and you pay every month for insurance by law, so using it for hail repair under a comprehensive claim is something that cannot count against you. Plus, when the insurance pays out they withhold the deductible amount, and expect the shop to collect it from the customer, we waive the deductible so there is $0 out of pocket cost to you. 

Yes, as the insurance policyholder you have the right to choose by law where you repair your vehicle. Insurance companies tend to steer you to a Caliber Collision or Service King, but places like those you have to watch out for, they tend to cut corners by using aftermarket parts and paints to lower cost since they are contracted by the insurance companies so the insurance companies receive large discounts for their repairs. Here at Dent Mavericks we order all OEM parts from local dealers and manufactures.

It might seem very tempting to pocket the money instead of getting the hail damage repaired on your vehicle. We highly recommend you do not do this. Insurance companies will deny future claims due to pre-existing damage. They wouldn’t be able to differentiate which hail damage was from which storm. Therefore to avoid paying any out of pocket fees at any point, just get your hail damage repaired by Dent Mavericks, we handle the entire process from A-Z.

There are many perks that come with working with us, first off it cost $0 out of pocket cost for you! There’s no more headache working with your insurance company or any kind of deductible forgiveness program, here at Dent Mavericks we have specialists that handle your insurance company and we take care of your deductible. Again, everything at $0 cost to you. 

Worried about rental vehicle cost or transportation woes, we handle that too, we pick up your vehicle from your place of residence and/or work and leave you with one of our brand new luxury vehicles at no cost to you. We also deliver your vehicle after the car has been repaired by our top notch PDR technicians, on top of that we have your vehicle looking pristine with our detailing services. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and always has been.

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